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  1. Military RP Rules

    Golden Rules Do NOT shoot fellow soldiers under ANY circumstances! Do NOT pick up weapons that do NOT belong to your own regiment. Always respect a higher ranking soldier. General Rules: 1.0 - Do NOT abuse your ranks. – This involves random orders and false requests which may break the Golden rules 1.0.1 - Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) after you have been killed during war you must wait 2 minutes before continuing to rp, when war is not active you must wait 5 minutes 1.0.2 - Do NOT power game. 1.2 - Do NOT use racial/fascist/Right wing/Terrorist language within the server. – Nazi’s/Allah Akbar/White supremacy. 1.2.1 - Do NOT bring up topics involving world disasters as jokes or in a disrespectful manor. 1.2.2 - Do NOT use disabilities/illnesses or any other health issue as the basis for a joke. 1.3 - Do NOT Bhop. – Bhopping is not role-play and will not be treated as such in any scenario. 1.3.1 - Do NOT use any form of scripts or 3rd party software to enhance your game play. 1.3.2 - Caught bug using (includes walking under the actual map) will result in an instant ban unless you plan on reporting it. 1.4 - A staff member's decision is final, do NOT challenge it. – If you have an issue with staff, report them using the forums. 1.5 - No Metagaming – Using OOC chat for RP situations / using RP chats (Advert/regular/group) for OOC. (this includes VOIP programs such as TS) 1.6 - Do NOT RDM. – Follow ROE (Rules Of Engagement) and the Golden rules before shooting anyone. – Inform an admin if you are shot by an ally. 1.6.1 - RDM is also defined as VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) 1.7 - Do NOT FailRP – Shooting weapons randomly, Leaving base w/o permission, sitting on people. 1.7.1 - Do NOT troll/minge or seek to irritate other players. 1.8 - Do NOT use any sexiest/misogynistic/offensive language. 1.8.1 - Do NOT speak other languages whilst in game other than English. If you wish you speak to your friends in other languages, use Teamspeak. 1.8.2 - Being offensive to staff or players will result in a mute/gag/ban if repeated. 1.9 - Do NOT advertise, suggest other servers or post IP’s which aren’t linked with Delta Gaming. – Anything which is not part of our community is prohibited. 1.9.2 - Posting offensive pictures in-game is not allowed and you will be muted/banned if repeated. 2.0 - Any form of “Spoilers” of media products will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. – “Hey this guy dies at the end of this book/film/movie/tv series.” 2.1- Any names which staff deems unfit will be told to change 2.1.1 - Inappropriate usernames are NOT tolerated. Failing to change them will result in a punishment. 2.1.2 - Do NOT impersonate another player on the server. – This is considered trolling/minging and will result in a ban. 2.2 - Going AFK for longer than 10 minutes may get you kicked if the server is full. 2.2.2 - AFKing as staff/LTC+ may result in a demotion without valid reason. Time limit of 2.2 applies. Roleplaying Rules: 2.3 - You must ask permission before leaving base, crossing borders or taking a vehicle. - /radio [BAF] Permission to… 2.3.1 - Do NOT get in a vehicle without permission. 2.3.2 - Always ask for permission in advert so it is clear to EVERYONE. 2.4 - Restricted areas are only to be accessed with a higher commanding officer present. 2.4.1 - Entering a restricted area will make you KOS/AOS. 2.5 - Follow ROE before shooting Allies. – Leaving base/restricted areas/ignoring warnings. 2.6 - Do NOT falsely arrest or attempt to shoot someone without reason. – Multiple cases will result in a punishment. 2.7 - Do NOT follow orders which break the server/golden rules. – YOU may be punished. 2.8 - Do NOT host duels/fights or 1v1 combat. 2.9 - Training must only be done by designated trainers. 3.0 - Do NOT lead Trainees outside of US/RUS territory. 3.1 - Do NOT interfere with training of any sort. – Doing so may result in a punishment. 3.1.1 - Do NOT use the firing range if there is active training in the UK compound. 3.1.2 - Do NOT Microphone/Chat Spam. 3.2 - Use /me to perform actions. 3.2.1 - Use /radio or /comms for radio comms. and communication between bases. 3.3 - Do NOT use a car which is sectioned off. 3.3.1 - Generals can only drive the civilian car with an escort. – Do NOT leave the base alone. 3.4 - Running along the tops of the fences/walls is FailRP. – You may be demoted. 3.5 - Do NOT block doorways or passages which interfere with the flow of soldiers. – e.g. Stairs. Regimental Rules: 3.6 - You MUST wait 3 days before trying out for another regiment. 3.6.1 - You can only be in ONE regiment at a time. 3.6.2 - Faction cool down is 1 week. 3.7 - You must always listen to your commander (SSG+) when asked to do something. Failing to obey is FailRP – You may be punished/demoted. 3.8 - You will be black listed from previous regiments once you’re in a new one. 3.9 - Once you join a regiment you cannot sabotage or disrupt other regiments. 4.0 - Inactive players may be demoted without warning. Job Specific Rules: Do NOT use grenades without a valid reason [Breaching]. Dropping grenades to other players is NOT allowed and will get you removed from the job Taliban BOMBERS can only attack the same location ONCE every 20 Minutes Taliban SCOUTS can only attack with LEADER orders They should take at least ONE other person with them Cavalry Scout should only engage an enemy if shot. Your job is for info. Heavy's should only ever use frag grenades to clear out rooms full of hostiles shooting. Never on Civs. They can also be used as a distraction for a get away on hostiles Grappling hooks should be used to get up hills and to lower from helis ONLY. NEVER attach to another player. Fists should only be used in RP situations such as torture and 1 on 1 combat if the other player is hostile and has fists also. Do NOT start one on one combat in base with fellow soldiers Breaking any of these rules may lead to punishments leading from a warning to a ban. Role-play specific rules which are broken may lead to a demotion in levels or black listing from your current regiment. Breaking job specific rules or in any way abusing the VIP jobs provided may lead to you losing access to those jobs. Breaking rules as a VIP may also lead to your demotion and loss of VIP.