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  1. US Air Force Ranks and NCO + Roster

    Not to be a nut but can we use the actual US air orce ranks
  2. Ranks / NCO + Roster Commanders Major (MJR) - N/A Captain (CPT) - N/A First Lieutenant (1LT) - N/A Second Lieutenant (2LT) - N/A Warrant Officer (WO) - N/A NCO's Commanding Sergeant Major (CSM) - N/A Sergeant Major (SGM) - Kally First Sergeant (1SG) - N/A Master Sergeant (MSG) - N/A Sergeant First Class (SFC) - N/A Staff Sergeant (SSG) - N/A Sergeant (SGT) - Wallace Enlisted Corporal (CPL) - N/A Specialist (SPC) - N/A Private First Class (PFC) - N/A Private (PVT) - N/A If Anything needs updating please leave a comment.